Operation Warming Hearts to serve their 2,000th meal this year.

Operation Warming Hearts to serve their 2,000th meal this year. On Tuesday, December 22 Operation Warming Hearts and their team of volunteers will be preparing and delivering a home-cooked ham dinner with delicious sides. These meals will be delivered pre-cooked in take out containers. The ham dinners are intended to help provide a nice Christmas meal to our friends, families, and neighbors in the community for Christmas.

If you are interested in signing up for a delivery you can register by either calling 978-225-3110 or emailing Hello@OperationWarmingHearts.com when you register please make sure to include your name, address, and best phone along with how many meals you are requesting. There is a limited amount of meals available so this will be first come first serve. We are encouraging everyone who is interested to sign up as soon as possible to reserve a delivery. All requests must be in by Monday, December 14.

Operation Warming Hearts is accepting donated items for this meal. If you are interested in donating a ham or dessert please contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss the needs for this event. We can be reached at 978-255-3110 or by email at Hello@OperationWarmingHearts.com

We know this year has been difficult and emotional for many of us, and we at Operation Warming Hearts have been no exception to that. We do these community events to stay connected with each other and as a reminder that we are in this together. So, rather it’s just your and your significant other, or you and your family. Let us take off some stress and take care of your Christmas dinner. Register today, we will be honored to serve you!