Mocha’s Mission to Care – Newest Children’s Book from JarviScript Books

The hottest item this Christmas and the newest children’s book on the market is “Mocha’s Mission to Care.”

“Mocha’s Mission to Care” is dedicated to one of my best friends, Gordon Francis Blaney Jr..

All proceeds from Mocha’s Mission to Care from Gordon Francis Blaney Jr’s birthday, November 29 through Christmas, December 25, will be donated to the Blaney family and will be used to honor the life of Gordon Blaney Jr. More information on this to come soon.

Attached is the book description. We went all out to make this the best we could. We are excited and nervous to share this with you… please enjoy!!


Mocha’s Mission to Care – Story Description

It’s easy to judge a book by its cover, but when you are like Mocha, the Superhero Service Dog, you quickly learn not to.

In this adventurous and humorous story, Mocha returns with new friends to show us that people sometimes need a kind word
or deed to help them in their time of need. Mocha thinks this new town is great, but aside from his friends, he meets someone who
everyone calls the mean kid. But Mocha won’t stand by and let something like that stop him from helping.

To help, every hero needs a team, and Mocha wastes no time in getting one – a ridiculously funny bird must be part of every superhero team! Together they put wide smiles on a few faces and create something great.

Mocha teaches his friends, magnificent owner Donnie, and every reader that we could all make a difference for each other with one kind word or deed.

We could create “A circle of kindness!”

Follow Mocha, Peek, and Rio in Mocha’s Mission to Care.

Be sure to add this nourishing tale with wholesome fun to every child’s library


A paperback cover of “Mocha’s Mission to Care” can be purchase NOW for your enjoyment on Amazon!! Enjoy!!