Things Add Up!

Earlier today, we spent an hour or so redeeming 13 full bags of bottles and cans. All the money will be donated towards the upcoming trip to Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day.

For Veterans Day, roses will be placed in Arlington National Cemetery at the graves of our Afghanistan Fallen and 9/11 Pentagon Victims. A total of about 600 or so roses. Donations towards the roses can be made online at Today, by redeeming 13 bags that contained just shy of 1,000 bottles/cans, we raised $47 towards roses.

In addition to roses, thank you cards will also be handed out on Veterans Day to veterans and those on active duty that we meet throughout the day. If you would like to contribute cards to hand out, those can be mailed to Donald Jarvis, PO Box 8363, Bradford, Ma 01835.

To those who have contributed and donated already — Thank you! To me, this trip will be meaningful and personal. After the tragic events during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, I felt I just had to do something to honor our Afghanistan fallen. I was, after all already slated to be in Washington DC so placing roses just made sense.

To everyone who is supporting this. I sincerely thank you! This trip would not be possible without your support.