Community Leader, Veteran Advocate

flagsDonald Jarvis is a combat veteran. Who is extremely dedicated to serving the community and our veterans. Honorably Discharged from the MA Army National Guard in 2013, and awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Jarvis is active-leader in his local community and the veteran community. Spending much of his time helping veterans get connected to resources, and benefits they have earned. Jarvis is a patriotic and charismatic leader and follower with a heart for growth and progress. By using his struggles and pain as a drive to enrich his life, and in turn, the lives of others. He finds major delight in self-improvement and self-development. Jarvis supports those with substance abuse, those homeless, and underserved communities.

Always doing something…

American Flag Retirement Collection Box

First Parish Burying Ground, and caring for the graves of our veterans.

A custom dog station, completed with a dispenser filled with treats and a dog’s second best friend – a fire hydrant!

Nothing is impossible, until you decide it is

Jarvis is motivated and creates his dreams, visions, with a drive that never stops. Constantly thinking on new events, fundraiser, and projects that bring that community together, and brings uplift and joy to others. Rather working with about students working in a cemetery, or raising funds for service dogs for veterans, providing bagged lunches to those living outdoors, creating community events like the Byfield Music and Arts Festival, Interactive Drive In Movies and more.