Thank Cards for Our Veterans

Thank you cards are rolling in…

This year for Veterans Day, I will be down in Washington DC honoring our Nations’ heroes. The mission and focus is to place a rose at the grave of our Afghanistan fallen and the victims of the Pentagon attacks on 9/11. In addition all collected thank you cards will be handed out to veterans encountered during the visit.

Suppose you are interested in supporting this trip. Please know. I would be honored to have your support. There are two ways you can support the trip. One is by donating to cover the cost of the roses. The second is by donating Thank You cards.

Rose Donations can be made online at:

Thank you cards can be mailed to:
Donald Jarvis
PO Box 8363
Bradford, MA 01835

To those who have supported this so far, thank you! Your support will mean a lot to our veterans and their families. And is truly appreciated by me. Thank you! 🇺🇸