Disabled and Limbless Veterans Partners with Rotary Club in Burlington, Mass Collected Nonperishables for Veterans

On Saturday, September 18 a couple organizations and a team of volunteers came to together and collected hundreds of nonperishables for our veterans. Weeks prior, the community was strongly encourage to drop off food items with contactless drop off. All food was collected in the American Legion parking lot in Burlington.

From the second the clock struck 10am bags and bags of nonperishables started to arrived. Collections continued to pour in throughout the day with the last few items being dropped off at the conclusion of the food drive around 2 pm. Generously a local branch of the Salem Five Bank donated tote bags that were used to sort and donate the collected items.

As the food drive can near an end. The sorted and collected items were divided and distributed amongst a couple vehicles for immediate distribution. Food will be distributed to veterans through Veteran Service Officers, Disabled and Limbless Veterans, Veterans Northeast Outreach Center and the Veteran Treatment Courts.