Best of 2021 – Eagle Tribune’s Best Community Worker / Volunteer

Yesterday afternoon my brother Mike picked me up and took me to battle grounds to “meet” with a few people. Well, I certainly met a few people. Unbeknownst to me, I was invited to a surprise award presentation.

Recently the Eagle-Tribune held a survey asking its readers to vote for the “Best of 2021”. Well, what I found out yesterday is Battle Grounds Coffee Company was voted for Best Coffee, and I was voted for Best Community Worker / Volunteer. Both of us received our award together at the Battle Grounds location in Haverhill.

In today’s edition of The Eagle-Tribune, you can find the complete of this year’s “Best of 2021”.

To all the recipients, congratulations on your recognition, and to those that voted for me, thank you! I don’t do anything for recognization, and I do what I feel is right. This award certainly comes as a surprise.

To everyone who was there yesterday for this pleasant surprise, thank you for taking the time out fo your day. It was really nice and appreciative to see you all there. Thank you!

Now to find some wall space. The walls in my office are already pretty full as it is now. 🤔