Merrimack Valley Hope Mission Free Turkey Dinner

While I am resting with Dr. Mocha I wanted to take a moment and share with you a flyer we created yesterday. Please consider sharing this flyer with friends and family that you may know in the Newburyport area. This is open to all, and all are invited. Merrimack Valley Hope Mission~ is partnering up with The Salvation Army, Newburyport Massachusetts to provide a nice delicious meal. We hope to be able to connect with families, and friends who could truly use a nice warm delicious meal during these winter months. If you know any families or individuals that may be struggling finically please pass this along to them. We would love to have them at our dinner table!!

If you live at Park Circle, the Heritage House, the Sullivan Building and the James Steam Mill Building we are working trying to set up a shuttle service now to help you get to and from. We will keep everyone posted if we are able to make this shuttle happen. If we are able to secure a shuttle there will be a phone number to call to reserve a ride.

Spread the word!! Flyers will be out hanging in the community within the coming weeks!!