Veteran Grave Officer

flagsAs Veteran Graves Officer for the Town of Newbury – I consider it my duty to see that all Veterans whose final resting place at First Parish Burying Ground, Thomas Parker Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Newbury Neck Cemetery, Old Byfield Burying Ground and the Byfield Cemetery are respectfully honored. It is my goal to ensure that each Veterans grave is appropriately marked with either a grave marker, flag holder or an American Flag.

Requests for an appropriate plaque grave marker, which are provided by the US Government for Veterans, are forwarded to the Veterans Service Officer for determination of eligibility.

Working with the VSO – I will ensure that all flags for Memorial Day are removed and replaced with new flags and that the worn and faded flags will be removed and destroyed in an honorable and dignified manner.

Throughout the year, I will respond to personal requests when received or notified, to ensure a family members gravesite is appropriately marked and will provide guidance to the best of my knowledge on any other issues that may be raised.

During periodic trips during the year to the cemeteries – I will replace or fix/repair flags holders and remove / replace damaged flags as appropriate.

I ensure all veterans’ graves are suitably kept and cared for. Ensures sunken gravestones are repaired and replaced or other similar services that may be necessary to restore and maintain such graves and their surroundings in an orderly condition.

At all times – Respect – Dignity and Honor will be maintained to honor fellow Veterans.