Mocha didn’t have much of a quality of life in his first year of life from 2012-2013. He wound up at a shelter in Arkansas, then NY, and then MA before finally getting my big break with Operation Delta Dog! Which was probably the best thing that ever happened to the guy, if it was for Operation Delta Dog there be a pretty good chance he live would of already been over. Instead, he was given a whole new life.

Before Mocha could start his training, the veterinarian delivered some really bad news: on top of being under nerish from lack of food, he also had heart-worm. Heart-worm is a potentially fatal disease so there was some worry about how he would make out, and if he could be cured. However, Operation Delta Dog and the doctors took great care of Mocha and he made a full recovery.

Months later, Mocha was well enough to be matched with a veteran. It was time to start the blind date process. After only having to take one look at me Mocha knew that  was the guy for him! We’ve been inseperable ever since and graduated from the training program in 2014. I’m so proud and happy to be of what we have done together.

Since being paired up in 2013 we have flown to Chicago and Rochester NY, been on the field at a Lowell Spinners Game and at Fenway Park, he is a Season-Ticket Holder for the Boston Celtics, been to concerts at the TD Garden, been featured on TV a few times, in magazines and newspapers, and a picture of Mocha and I can be seen hanging on the wall at the Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport.