Flag Disposal Tubes for Cemeteries

During a recent walk through of the cemeteries in Newbury there was something that was very unsettling. Several grave marker flags were on the ground covered in dirt from vehicles driving on them, and there was also several flags jammed in to trash barrels. This is not acceptable.

Preserving Newbury

A community group, established to assist, provide, and create Town Records with regards to Burying Grounds and Cemeteries within the town. As well as, preservation, protecting and care for historic landmarks. Primarily self-funded, efforts would thrive from support through community outreach, fundraiser events and other activities. Utilizing the State Senior Citizen Tax-Abatement Program, Senior Citizens … More Preserving Newbury

Veteran Grave Officer Enlisting Help from Senior Citizens

As the Veteran Grave Officer, a position I have been appointed to by the Selectman of Newbury. My duties include placing of flags as well as care, repair and maintaining the veteran graves within the town, at all the cemeteries and burying grounds in Newbury. This year, and years going forward, a couple Senior Citizens … More Veteran Grave Officer Enlisting Help from Senior Citizens

Loving what I do!

People ask me, ‘Out of everything you do, what do you enjoy the most?’. My favorite thing and something I truly enjoy is being the Veteran Grave Officer for the Town of Newbury. The role, as outlined by M.G.L Chapter 115; Section 9, is more then just placing flags for Memorial Day.