Byfield Music & Arts Festival


Started in 2013, the Byfield Music & Arts Festival began as a thought at a backyard barbecue. With knowing that ‘Byfield Days’ was coming to an end I felt something had to be put in its place – something more modern; something to target the pulse in town.

After discussions with a couple of friends; many doubted my idea of having a music festival in town and kept trying to assure me that the town would not allow any sort of music festival. Let alone allowing it on the town’s newly 60+  acres of land they just purchased and now use as sports fields. However, after many meetings with several town committees, and officials the festival was on its way to being born. My dream and vision about about to become a reality.

The Byfield Music & Arts Festival is a fundraiser event for the Byfield Community Arts Center. The field used for the festival is located approximately about a mile from the Arts Center. The BCAC began operating in 2006 and achieved status as a 501(c)(3) in 2013. Its budget is funded primarily from programming, hall rentals, donations, and grants. The faculty is owned by the Town of Newbury and the managers have been appointed by the town to serve as supervisors of the programs/facilities.

A key to providing longevity and success of the festival was by connecting local businesses and groups together, a strong team of volunteers and planners, and gathering strong support from the community. To date, over of 2,000 people plus attend yearly, and the festival has been proven a success for the community and for the Byfield Community Arts Center. As the tagline for the Arts Center says, “Building a Sense of Community through and with the Arts.”