Haverhill Exchange Clubs Establishes Flag Disposal Box in Bradford

Out of all the things I do and have done, I must say caring for the graves of our departed veterans and properly retiring unserviceable American Flags have become one of my honorable tasks I have been part of. First Newbury, then Rockport, and now Haverhill, all three communities have suitable collection containers for retiring old and worn flags.

However, the one in Haverhill is probably the most personal for me, having worked with Driscoll Funeral for services for family members that have recently passed. Driscoll stands by what I believe most strongly in “Honor & Respect,” and with that, I am grateful to see this box be erected at this location.

If you have an American Flag that is worn, torn, and unserviceable, please properly dispose of it at Driscoll Funeral Home in Bradford at 309 S. Main St., along busy Route 125.

Thank you, Haverhill Exchange Club and Driscoll Funeral Home and Cremation Service, for establishing this flag retirement box in Haverhill.