Mental Health Maintenance

To all my civilian and veterans friends,

Your brain is your most IMPORTANT vehicle / weapon! If I could change the term “Behavioral Health” to “Vehicle / Weapons Maintenance”, I would in a heart beat.

Sometimes we have to do some maintenance to keep our vehicle / weapons working properly. It doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It doesn’t mean you’re going to hurt yourself. It’s just good maintenance.

The intent of this post is to give people a different view of pursuing Mental Health / Behavioral Health. Don’t look at as something to do only when things are really bad, but rather as a regular maintenance routine. Just like we would do for our weapons in the military / or our personal own vehicle. If we do regular maintenance, we’ll hopefully never get to the catastrophic impacting levels.

I wear myself out sometimes taking care of and worrying about others; but I love doing it! Sometimes we just have to take a reset, do our own maintenance, and then get back after it. Do it early and don’t wait until you’re at the breaking point. It’s healthier. Much like our weapons in the service, or our personal vehicle regular maintenance made a difference.