Mocha, The Superhero Service Dog, a story about Never Giving Up!

I would like to share with you an idea that started off as me wondering if me service dog could talk and share his story with my niece and nephew what it sound like? How would explain his work as a service dog? What was his life like abandoned on the streets? Or the his experience in the shelter? 

Mocha, The Superhero Service Dog a children’s book now published through Amazon tells the story of a rescue dog who’s life in the beginning was not all that good. Abandoned on the streets of the big city, sick, lonely and hungry. This story is told from Mocha’s point of view.  Mocha has had quite the experience throughout his life. Throughout of his story you hear and learn about several struggles, and obstacles he has overcome and he never gave up. Even when he learned he might be put down do to his health, Mocha stayed positive. 

As a combat veteran and Mocha as a rescue we have both had our fair share struggles and ups and downs throughout our life journey. No matter how difficult things maybe … Never Give Up! There are people who care and who are willing to help you work through whatever it is you are facing. 

Below is the book description. We went all out to make this the best we could. Please enjoy!!


Mocha The Superhero Service Dog – Story Description

“Hi, I’m Mocha. Right now, I’m not wandering the streets of the city looking for food or kind humans. That was a long time ago. I now have an owner called Donnie, and I’m his service dog. Pretty cool right!”

Mocha might be a good dog but he has always lived abandoned on the streets. From adventures to getting lost and being all alone in the big city, Mocha has had quite the experience. He seems to get lucky when the dog rescue team finds him but then there’s some bad news and it looks like Mocha will have to be put down. 

Luckily Mocha is rescued again and he is proud to become a service dog helping his owner Donnie and others who have struggled just like him. 

In this fun, adventurous, and sometimes sad tale, we see Mocha’s life through his eyes. We learn the struggles of an abandoned cute dog on the streets and how he finds happiness in the end. This enlightening and captivating tale reminds kids and adults alike never to give up. It also reveals the life of dogs, veterans, and an organization working to give dogs and veterans a chance at happiness.

You will laugh and you just might shed a tear. Perhaps you might even learn the stuff of superheroes!


A paperback copy of “Mocha, The Superhero Service Dog” can be purchase NOW for your enjoyment on Amazon!! Please visit to purchase your copy today.