Merrimack Valley Hope Mission – Winter Outreach

What a truly amazing day it was today at GAR Park in Haverhill. Merrimack Valley Hope Mission was able hand out personal hygiene products (covering everything from toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, razors and more), sweat shirts, pants, socks, sneakers, backpacks, over 100 pairs of new Timberland boots, about 150 sandwiches, couple cases of MRE’s, blankets, sleeping bags, quilts, and so much more. This was all made possible by over 100 different resources and people donating stuff

On top of all of this it was truly great to be able to connect with and learn about 5 homeless veterans that are either living in someone’s shed, or on the streets in Haverhill. Looking forward to connecting them to different resources and benefits to help get them back on their feet.


Everyone who was part of today we made it special for a lot of people. Over 100 people made a positive impact on so many in a way that none of us may ever understand. Thank you Joe D’Amore for starting Merrimack Valley Hope Mission… and bringing us all together! I am honored and privileged to be able to help.