Frank’s Hot Dog Stand – Yankee Homecoming 2017

2017 marks the second year of me running, and organizing “Frank’s Hot Dog Stand” as part of Newburyport’s Yankee Homecoming. Frank’s Hot Dog Stand was originally ran by Newburyport native Frank Ventura who passed away in July 2016. 

Frank Ventura ran this Hot Dog Stand for several years for Yankee Homecoming. Formally this was referred to as ‘Yankee Homecoming’s Food Booth’, however, given Mr. Ventura’s dedication to the City of Newburyort and Yankee Homecoming we decided to rename the booth in his honor. 

Today, over 500+ Hot Dogs were sold at Frank’s Hot Dog Stand with all proceeds benefiting Yankee Homecoming. The Hot Dog Stand is back of Yankee Homecoming’s Olde Fashion Sunday which is the official kick off day of Yankee Homecoming! 

Looking forward to many years of organizing and running this booth. It is truly an honor and privilege to carry on Frank’s tradition. 

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