Yankee Homecoming – Veterans’ Luncheon

For the last couple of years Yankee Homecoming has hosted an annual Free Veteran Luncheon. This year the veteran luncheon is being held at the Firefighters Memorial Hall in Newbury. In the years past this event was held at the Elks Club in Newburyport. As a resident of Newbury and a veteran that is extremely active I’ve been working tirelessly the last couple of years to increase veteran related activities in town – relocating this luncheon is a step in that direction. 

In addition to serving a nice hot lunch to veterans; this luncheon also supports other veteran related projects. The vegetables at the luncheon will be from Vets & Veggies, a new nonprofit located in Athol, Mass. 

Vets and Veggies is an organization that provides housing opportunity for veterans and promotes a safe community environment. They work with veterans to establish education goals and job skills. Keeping the veterans hands and mind busy and building their self‐esteem all while growing food for the community. While in this program veterans will have the opportunity to integrate into the local and surrounding community, while learning how to organize and set up a long term sustainable income. 

Veterans love their coffee and I would be crazy not to have coffee at the luncheon for our veterans. In Haverhill there is a brand new coffee shop called “Battle Grounds Coffee Company”. Battle Grounds Coffee Company is an veteran owned and operated business. Battle Grounds is owned by a former Navy Seal Salvatore Defranco and his wife Dana Defranco. Most of the employees are veterans as well. 

As a veteran myself, served 7 years in the Massachusetts National Guard as a Combat Engineer with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a real honor to organize this luncheon for the second year in a row. Over the past could of year I’ve been working on doing more and more things to honor and support veterans in my Town of Newbury. This event is another great step in that direction. 

Any veteran looking to attend or would like to reserve a spot for them and a guest they can email me at veterans@yankeehomecoming.com – this luncheon is open to all veterans. 

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