An Act of Kindness Has A Bigger Impact then You Think!

I recently got an email from New England Center and Home for Veterans thanking for me taking veterans from the center to a Red Sox game, a couple Celtics games, and a Bruins game a few years ago. Back in 2015, I treated 18 veterans to an Red Sox with the help of Larry Lucchino. With the help of his staff the veterans who attended enjoyed the game from an executive suite, with a pig roast, food buffet and a baseball hat for everyone of them (all courtesy of the Boston Red Sox). On top of that I was also able to raise $2,000 which was donated to the education department at NECHV.
Since then, the Red Sox have been giving NECHV a steady supply of tickets now when they have them. It’s great to hear such great news and I’m very happy to see this as a result. Although the center accredits me for being instrumental in setting this up, I feel the Red Sox deserve all the credit for this continued work of serving veterans. Going to sporting events and concerts can be very therapeutic. This email has certainly made my week. I can’t wait to get a tour of the new remodel of the faculty on Court Street in Boston.