Veteran Snow Removal and Lawn Care

There is an issue I am learning about that stretches across the state; and probably across the country. Veterans throughout the year are seeking assistance with taking care of their lawn in the spring and summertime, and needing help with shoveling and plowing in the winter.

I’m curious, would landscapers, Boy Scouts, community groups, youth kids / young adults, and students be interested in joining some sort of network where they could learn about a veteran in need, and then go out and help. I feel veterans that would truly benefit from this would be those who served in WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, and disabled veterans from Desert Storm and Post 9/11 veterans (based on disability, physical limitations and other criteria’s).

If some sort of group was to form, who would be interested in being part of it? This would be strictly supported by volunteers; there will be no finical payments for your work. You would be part of a network of people who are passionate about our veterans, and giving back to our veterans who aren’t able to carry out these task on their own.
I think there is potential behind this idea. Certainly will take some time to get off the ground, but is there an interest?