Flag Disposal Tubes for Cemeteries

During a recent walk through of the cemeteries in Newbury there was something that was very unsettling. Several grave marker flags were on the ground covered in dirt from vehicles driving on them, and there was also several flags jammed in to trash barrels. This is not acceptable.

This problem was immediately addressed, and a solution has been put into place. In the next couple of weeks more of these will be put up; as of now there are only two. The burying grounds and cemeteries within Newbury will have a place for visitors to place worn and torn grave marker flags. These flags will be properly retired with the other flags that are collected at the Flag Box located at the Byfield Fire Department.
We ask and encourage all visitors to utilized these tubes whenever they see a flag that is worn, torn, or have flown away from the grave and place them in the tube. The top unscrews and comes off, as does the bottom. The flag does not need to be on a staff to be placed in the tube. We will be able to get the flag out.

By the end of the summer we hope every Burying Ground and Cemetery in town will have an appropriate amount of these so no flag will find themselves in the trash, nor on the ground.

Thank you! Please share this with members of the community to help share this very important information.