An Act Establishing Emergency Medical Services for Veterans H.2765



In a medical emergency situation veterans may find themselves being stuck with medical bills for services and treatment received at a non-VA Emergency Rooms / Hospitals. Not every VA Hospital has an Emergency Room. There are some guidelines outlined by the VA and a process that can be done to appeal the VA decision care the bill, however, it’s not guaranteed, and the entire bill may not be cover.

As outlined on the VA website (Health Benefits – Emergency Care) there are certain criteria’s in which the VA may or may not decide to cover the cost of a veteran’s emergency visit to a local community hospital. However, figuring out what they might be, or if the veteran is eligible is a battle in itself.

Our Goal:

In Massachusetts, we want to set the example, that all veterans are eligible for free emergency services when they have no other means to cover the cost. With no additional requirements, appeals, or fighting any bureaucracy. Being a veteran who needs emergency medical services and has no means of covering the cost for the medical treatment should have it taken care of, with no further headaches on fighting to the have services paid for. They have selflessly served us, now we should do the same.  Not all veterans have private health insurance coverage, and not all veterans are enrolled in the VA Health Care System.

How You Can Help:

Currently we are conducting a few different surveys to help gather information. We are looking for information and feedback from veterans, and civilians (primarily family and friends of veterans). We also have a forms collecting information of those who are in support of ‘Establishing Emergency Medical Services‘ for our veterans. Please note: As of now, this is only being address at the State Level, there is a long term goal to address this Nationally.


See latest activity, VA Documents, and ongoing work in regards to: H.2765 – An Act Establishing Emergency Medical Service for Veterans

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