Veteran’s Day 2016 – Flag Retirement Ceremony

The flag box that was sent up and placed in Newbury collected close to 1,500 flags between August 2016 to Veteran’s Day, November 11th 2016. Due to the unexpected response of the collection box State Secretary of Veteran Service Francisco Urena reached out to help with having the flags retired respectfully.

The Secretary knew of a Flag Retirement Ceremony that taking place in West Roxbury conducted by Troop 7. Throughout the year Troop 7 collected 15,000 US Flags and retired them all at this annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. Due to the generisty of Troop 7 I was able to bring down the 1,500 flags I collected and retire them at their ceremony.

All of the old flag are retired with all the dignity and respect. The ceremony is carried out based on the  U.S. Scouting Service Project

Secretary Francisco Urena